My three basic designs: the Honky Dory, Beavertail and Buffalo
Boat were all designed (by me) in the early 1980s.
I stopped building boats in the late 1980s and became
a computer programmer. Now, as an old fart, I'm getting
back into boat building and designing again.

side-panel My latest boat (which doesn't exist as blueprints yet)
has less rocker that my earlier boats. And I like that a
lot. Guys like Jeremy Christensen, who are primarily interested
in running big whitewater, are better off with a boat like the Honky Dory
(built without reducing its rocker profile).

But for many fishing-related uses, less rocker allows the
boat to float in shallower water and makes it easier to slow the boat down.
Low rocker boats are a bit slower to turn. But that isn't much
of a restriction.

For all my boats, there is an easy way to reduce rocker, by
any amount you want.