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1/4" inch panels for making a temporary plug

Posted by Sandy 
1/4" inch panels for making a temporary plug
October 21, 2015 08:05PM
When you use plywood to make the boat you use higher quality plywood and you fiberglass all of both sides. Eventually anyway.

But for a temporary concrete-form-like-plug (on top of which I'll drape thin visqueen and then Plascore) cheaper plywood is fine. For a plug you don't have to fiberglass the entire plywood surface. But you do have to tape over the plywood scarfs, on both sides, else it's all too likely something will break while bending and re-bending the form, over and over again as happens during a trial and error experimental design phase.

Tape those scarfs and there's nothing to worry about. All of which makes me wonder about making scarfs for old-fashioned framed wooden boats with ribs. Better make a good scarf, in that case, and handle those side panels like expensive china dishes at the skating rink.

Fiberglass on top of plywood increases strength enormously.

:=)) I could have centered that tape a little better I suppose. But that's plenty good enough. After a few hours of curing time, when the resin is tack free but still rubbery and flexible, you can run a sharp drywall blade along the edge of the plywood to trim back the excess fabric. If you wait too long and the resin gets hard you need to grind it off. Instead of cut it off.

And as always, visqueen (the plastic drop cloth underneath) is one of the boat builder's best friends.

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