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Scaling boats

Posted by Sandy 
Scaling boats
March 12, 2017 12:02AM
Scaling Boats -- usually but not necessarily from smaller to larger

Scaling boat dimensions works the same way as scaling a vector image in computer graphics. If you have a set of dimensions you like but you want to make it bigger you have to (simply) multiply every existing dimension by a constant scaling factor.

If you have a boat with a 16' foot gunwale and you want to make it bigger, so it has an 18' foot gunwale it goes like this:

18 / 16 = 1.125 so (1.125) is your scaling factor.

For every dimension in the small boat if you multiply by 1.125 you get the new dimension.

The gunwale in the original boat was 16' feet. So 16 x 1.125 = 18

If the bottom in the original boat was 48" then 48 x 1.125 = 54 (inches)

All dimensions including those related to trapezoid like rib formers get multiplied the same way and voila: you have a larger boat scaled up proportionately. It's a time consuming process.

If you have blueprints with 100 dimensions given in feet and inches you have to convert everything to inches with decimal places. And then multiply by the factor. And then convert back to feet and inches. But it works. It's time consuming but it isn't hard. Almost anybody can do it.

3/16" of an inch is 0.1875 inches (three divided by sixteen)

172 inches is 172/12 or 14.33 feet (172 divided by 12)

.33 feet is 3.96 inches (.33 times 12)

.96 inches is 15/16 of an inch (.96 x16)

It can drive you nuts. It's fussy detail work. But it isn't calculus or differential equations

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