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Repairing a hole

Posted by Sandy 
Repairing a hole
April 09, 2017 01:04PM
I have some photos about how to repair a hole. I'll find them and attach them later. I put a silver dollar size hole in the side of this boat last fall, trying to gun the 20hp throttle and the boat up onto a half submerged trailer in a wind storm. A big gust hit the front of the boat just as I got there and I hit the corner of the trailer with the front side of the boat. Going fast.

Date stamps on my first photos of this boat show I built it ten years ago. This was the first round of real repairs. This boat is OK rowing on the river but not really that good. It slows down well but turns too slowly for my tastes. That's because it is so flat bottomed, which I made because I wanted to use a motor.

Still. If I had it to do all over again I would change a lot. Once I get this out of the shop I'll get back to work on one last boat. This it for me. From here on out it will be boat repairs only. I'm old and my back is sore. And I want to fish now more than build.

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