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Glassing corners, air bubbles

Glassing corners, air bubbles
April 24, 2017 03:22PM
So i did a pretty good job on my corners, but curious what the more experienced members do to get them covered correctly?

Also, have one area thats got a moderately sized bubble. Everything is still tacky so I'm gonna see if i can push it down or maybe inject it with some thickened epoxy.

Re: Glassing corners, air bubbles
April 24, 2017 06:00PM
You can try to inject resin. It might work. I ignore them until the resin is cured, then cut them out sand the edges and patch.

The best way to avoid bubbles in the first place is to use a moderate amount of relatively thin putty on the corner. Roll out the tape end to end, on top of the wet putty. Pull on the ends of the tape to tighten it up. Start in the middle with a drywall trowel. Stroke the tape down and away on a 45 degree slant, either side of the chine, away from the middle and out toward the ends, alternating left and right from the middle until you reach both ends. That puts tension on the tape, which minimizes the opportunity for bubbles to form at all.

Watch it. Baby sit it. Dab a little more wet resin on top of any bubbles immediately as they form and then stroke that area out tight again with a trowel. I keep all drywall trowels in a 5 gallon bucket filled half way with solvent (methyl alcohol, acetone or automotive lacquer thinner).

Any remaining bubbles that defy the above can be ignored until the resin is hard. Then cut out sand and patch.

Re: Glassing corners, air bubbles
April 25, 2017 05:01AM
Thanks Sandy, very good info. I work at a hospital, grabbed a few syringes and some of the biggest needles i could find injecting worked magic.

I made sure the bubble firmed up a bit, teased open a small exhaust hole in the bubble with the needle, and then injected till it flowed out the exhaust hole.
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