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Victor Colvard's Beavertail

Posted by Sandy 
Victor Colvard's Beavertail
May 21, 2017 03:55PM
Victor Colvard is selling his Beavertail.
This was the second wood/fiberglass boat I built after giving up on framed boats. This was supposed to be my show boat but I ran short of cash and sold it to Victor before I was even finished. This was a unique boat in its time. Back then it was the only boat you could buy that trimmed properly with a rear-seated fisherman. Behind the rower.

Victor guided out of this boat on the Big Horn for close to a decade--starting in 1982 or so, soon after the Big Horn was first opened up to fishing, back when they caught 4 to 6 pound fish every trip down the river. Those days are long gone.

Then Victor retired and this boat been in a shed for almost 20 years now. Ever since.

This Beavertail is in top notch shape. Victor sanded it and refinished it every year he ever used it. I think Victor wants $4900 dollars for boat, trailer, oars, oarlocks and life jackets. Ready to rock'n roll.


Re: Victor Colvard's Beavertail
May 21, 2017 11:43PM
That rear (behind the rower) knee brace was new it its day too. Lavro had a 1980 vintage molded fiberglass knee brace I noticed, so I built the wooden one above and made it a standard stock feature for all the boats I built.

Lots of boats have similar hand-made wooden rear knee braces now. But I'm pretty sure mine was the first. First I ever saw anyway. As pictured above I liked (still do) to bolt the rear knee brace down, rather than making it a permanent part of the boat.

That way you can take it out for deer season. I drilled a 1/2" inch hole for each bolt down into the gunwale, then rubbed candle wax into the the threads of a lag bolt, filled the hole with liquid epoxy resin and pushed it down into the goo.

That way the hole in the gunwale does not get rotted out over time. And you can back the bolts out any time you want.

Re: Victor Colvard's Beavertail
May 26, 2017 11:55AM
Saw this boat yesterday. Looks better than the day i sold it. I'm tempted. Sort of anyway.

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