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Just another Dayak pic

Posted by Sandy 
Just another Dayak pic
May 29, 2017 01:35PM
Dayak in Deso. At AJ's boat show in Jackson day before yesterday someone told me to put my waders on for the row down to AJ's camp because the river was swollen and cold and we'd be getting there so late there'd be no time to dry off before BBQ dinner at the Tipi Camp.

Without thinking much about it i did. I skipped boots and slipped on some chest waders and pushed off into the brown water. But my waders hardly had a drop on them when I stepped off the boat. This is a surprisingly dry ride for as low as it is.

I'd probably make it 3" inches higher if I built it again. Put a point on the front end? I'm not sure. I would definitely leave the deck on un-fastened, as I had for the first two years. So it bolts down onto a 1/2" inch thick closed cell foam gasket. The removable deck works and it's soooo much easier to work on the boat when you can take the deck off and put it aside while you work.

Gunwales on a decked boat? Not on the Dayak or the bigger one. I just don't see the need. My bigger boat will have hand rails bolted down instead. The hand rail bolts will be the same ones that squish the deck down onto the gasket.

The big one will be an 18' foot gunwale boat a bit like this one, but blown up like a balloon to a bigger size--with a pointed front end for sure. At least on the bigger one.

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