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Re: Today's Dayak pic

Posted by Sandy 
Re: Today's Dayak pic
June 27, 2017 08:45PM
Wader belts. So on this float yesterday I almost made a very bad mistake. The (not specified) section of the Gallatin I drifted yesterday is a treacherous minefield of log jambs and ever shifting new channels. You have to be on the oars at every moment, at least in the early season when the water is high.

I rowed over to look at a new channel that wasn't there last year, at one point. I saw a deep narrow and fast chute almost like a mini waterfall, completely blocked by a half a dozen fresh snags at the end of the chute.

No problem I said to myself, I'll row left and go. But the tip of my oar caught in the upper edge of my waders and I lost a stroke. My downstream oar dug into fast shallow water and the boat jumped 5' feet sideways, right toward that channel.

At that point I rowed with adrenaline speed and didn't miss any more strokes. I almost lunched it big time. I'll never row with waders on again, not without a tight wader belt on top anyway.

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