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Gallatin float?

Posted by hunterjmj 
Gallatin float?
July 04, 2017 04:26AM
Was thinking of floating the lower Gallatin from Logan to Headeaters but have no idea on time it takes or what it's like. I've floated headwaters to Fairweather and Nixon gultch to logan. Would like to take my cousin on Saturday plus I'd like to see what that's like. Anyone done this section? Drove down there today and saw trailers but didn't see anyone to talk to.
Re: Gallatin float?
July 04, 2017 01:49PM
Logan to Headwaters is about the same distance as Nixon Bridge to Logan. It's been a few seasons since I was down there. That lower section is a bit more subject to log jambs than the one above.

There are some springs that seep in on the South Side. They look more like backwater weed swamps than spring creeks. The lower river has pike now. Not many perhaps but they're there.

Fish and Game has shocked pike to 40 inches from that stretch all the way to Tosten. I hope to catch one this year. They will be in the shallow backwater weed swamps and not in the riffle currents that hold trout.

Banging the banks with streamers down there isn't as productive as you might think. Trolling wet flies in deeper runs that have current is the way I've caught the best fish down there.

Not many trout per mile. But some very big fish. My old friend MIke who is now retired, who used to work for Fish and Game as a fish shocker (he did it for almost 30 years, all over the state) participated in a Lower Gallatin study many years ago.

They found fish over 20 pounds every trip down the river. There was one so big they could never get it in the boat. Mike thought it had to be close to 30 pounds, which would have been a state record.

Re: Gallatin float?
July 04, 2017 02:51PM
A buddy and I use to float Nixon to Logan quite a bit a he caught one of the biggest rainbows I've seen come out of a river. Thanks for the info. I'm thinking we'll give it a try.
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