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Tossing streamers from the drifting boat

Posted by Sandy 
Tossing streamers from the drifting boat
August 19, 2017 12:18AM
Drifting and fishing with fly rods doesn't necessarily mean trout. Or salmonids. The big one below was 25" inches long. Strongest freshwater fish I ever encountered. Channel Cats are more like salt water fish. I never could have or would have landed this fish if we hadn't been following in a boat.

This guy had my 6wt rod bent double for 1000 yards down the river. He was still swimming hard when I stabbed the water with the net. And got him. Ate him that night. Cat fish be good.

The second one was about 18" or 20" I think. They don't jump and they don't swim fast. But they do swim hard. And they don't give up. Caught a few others too.

A ten inch smallmouth bass has ten times the fight of a ten inch goldeneye. There aren't many bass in the unnamed river above. Next time I'll hit the lower Yellowstone, which has lots of bass now. Three days on the river and never saw another boat. No other homo sapiens--except two farmers.

Re: Tossing streamers from the drifting boat
August 19, 2017 06:58PM
Catfish chasing streamers!? Eating it on the strip? Heard of it, never seen it. Bass are alot of fun. No one on the river! Amazing. For me that's right up there with catching a good fish.
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