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Posted by MarkF 
June 13, 2016 01:56PM
As an avid fly tier, my list of materials collected over the years has become staggering, my fly boxes more numerous and my vest heavier. You just have to try out the new things you see out there to see if it really is "magic". But, do you really need to? Some of the most productive flies going are literally the simplest to tie. A gray hackle peacock, or starling and peacock will absolutely slay trout on the Firehole River, and many, many other streams. A friend showed me a callibaetis nymph that is so simple it's almost embarrassing, but catches fish when more complicated patterns won't even get a look. When standing at a stream perusing my overloaded vest trying to decide what fly to use, I almost invariably seem to gravitate towards flies that are the simplest ones. Don't get me wrong, I love difficult to tie flies and have plenty of them, but when it's time to catch a fish, which one do you choose?
Re: Simplicity
June 13, 2016 02:49PM
Absolutely. I've fished with my buddy Patrick for 30 years and he always outfishes me. And Patrick ties no more than 16 patterns or so.

But fly tying is a deal in its own right. It's fun to dream up new patterns and then tie them. If they don't catch fish I ditch them. I'm not complaining about too many materials. But I do know what you mean.

My menagerie is currently at about 30-35 patterns. There are close to 40 on my website . But several of those are duplicates. That's manageable. I like to fish with flies I not only tied. But designed too.

I almost never tie anything but my own patterns because............there is only so much time in life. Why waste on anything but me! :=))

Re: Simplicity
November 03, 2016 07:31PM
Just joined the forum looking for info on the Sandy Mite. Are you the one who did the video on tying the Sandy Mite and hackle ?
Re: Simplicity
November 04, 2016 06:49PM
Yes. Did it help? The one issue I'm having right now is I don't feel I have the color correct, and, finding an original Sandy Mite to see the color is difficult to say the least.

Re: Simplicity
November 04, 2016 11:06PM
This is a two-tone woven body Sandy Mite I got from Mike Wilkerson who was the last active owner of the Pott fly company. Mike eventually sold the company but the present owner never had any new flies made. And almost certainly never will. The last of the Missoula Montana based women tiers are gone now. In Pott's day none of his tiers ever made a fly from start to finish. He had an assembly line approach that had each tier start with a box of partially finished flies, who completed the next step and then past the lot on. Pott was secretive.

This one is an original fly made when Franz Pott still owned the company--therefore prior to 1956 when he died.

This one is a Pittendrigh Pot Sticker. Similar to my eye but easier and quicker to make. Pinching a hair collar up tight to the front edge of a bead makes it flare out nicely. And. Well. Simplicity is a theme in this thread. I like complicated too. They both have their place.

Re: Simplicity
November 08, 2016 12:38AM
I have also learned a better way to start and finish the hackle. I also realized the email at the end of the video is not correct anymore. Sandy has my email and I believe will give it to you if contact him.

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