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Matching the (blue) behavior

Posted by Sandy 
Matching the (blue) behavior
July 08, 2016 12:41PM
I've been reading fisheries science papers about predatory fish visual systems. There is some evidence out there fish respond most often to bright colors ranging from UV to violet to blue to chartreuse, with hard-wired predatory responses dropping off in the yellow to red part of the spectrum. I know there are a lot of favorite patterns containing red out there. But still. That's what they're saying. Fish also seem to be hard-wired to recognize prey like outlines rather than high definition details, which helps to distinguish prey from chaotic stream bottom backgrounds. High contrast striping seem to help those outline sensing systems.

Maybe in a year from now I'll be ready to write a fisherman's synopsis of the papers I've read. In the meantime bright and blue doesn't match the hatch. But it does seem to match the behavior.

I've been fishing blue flies for a decade now. And like a monkey--I'm a believer.

Re: Matching the (blue) behavior
September 04, 2016 04:20AM
Nice looking fly Sandy, I learned about the bright colors many years ago and I am a firm believer in using blues , purple and chartreuse but lets not forget about black as a bright color though some disagree it is in fact bright in the right conditions.
Here are some Steelhead jigs I tie that are a mix of blue purple and just a hint of black and just because a few stands of red flash.

this is the purple zonker I tie for Winter run fish in the lower Trinity, a few fish have fallen for this pattern every season since I started tying it.

Here is another black and blue pattern tied for Striped Bass it has a few strands of purple and pearl flash mixed in and a stout salt water hook,a good pattern for dirty water in the delta.
The Bruiser Clouser

As long as the fish keep biting, I'll keep tying the bright colors.
Re: Matching the (blue) behavior
September 09, 2016 02:57PM
Blue do
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