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DIY stitch and glue Drift Boat Building -- Drift Boat Blueprints -- Online Plans




Each side panel gets cut from one 4x12 sheet of 1/4" plywood.

Each side panel is 26" at the front end and 22" at the rear end.

Snap a diagonal line down the middle of the sheet from 22" from one

edge at one end, to 26" from the same edge at the other end.

Then flip one side over before making the layouts, so the layout

lines are pencilled in on the inside of each matching panel.

The layout starts at 0" at the front end. The first mark at 12"

marks the start of the chine. Then layouts at 36" 60" and

72" mark stations #1 #2 and #3. The front edge of each station

lines up with the layout marks, hence the "X's" on the side panel

drawing, on the rear facing edge of each layout mark.

The last layout mark at 134" marks the end of the chine.