MRB Dayak

I love this little boat. Building plans and step-by-step instructions are not finished and perhaps never will be. The diagrams and dimenions are finished however. Experienced boat builders can plunge right in. Right now. Beginners should know there will be some problem-solving along the way. The important information is all there. But the step-by-step instructions are not. I'm 71 in 2019 and I've got other things to work on before I'm ...... So maybe it's best to think of this as a freeby add-on to the completed plan sets already available.

This little boat sure is fun to row. I can do anything with it. Even head back upstream at times. You can hold it in fast water and turn on a dime. And it sure is stable, even in very big water. It's a great little white water boat, although I did flip in once, after dropping into an 8' foot hole sideways, like a fool, because I was trying to ferry away from a wave train and didn't see it coming.


Dayak at Joe Hutch


Fwiw I built the first Dayak in 2010 or so--quite a few years before the "Doryaks" that have been garnering chatter in recent times. They're good boats too. However, the current Doryaks are a bit too narrow for me. Wider is better. The Dayak is 9' feet long and 54" inches wide. It turns on a dime but it is far more side-to-side stable than its narrower cousins.