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This is the Dayak at Joe Hutch on the Green, Desolation Canyon, early May 2017 at approximately 16,000 cfs. The water was big but not huge. The Dayak made it like there was nothing to it. I could dodge spin and ferry around any and every rock boulder wave or hole. I got caught sleeping in Coal Creek and took a 300 gallon chest shot over the bow. But still nothing to it. I just got a little wet. Well a lot wet actually.

I ran the biggest part of the wave train a bit like an amusement ride. But only because I wanted to. I could ferry out of that stuff on a moment's notice. In a big raft you can't do that. Once you're in the big wave train, in a raft, you're there to stay. Even in a big dory it's not that easy to shift sideways at the last moment. In the Dayak you can do anything and go anywhere.