May 21 2017 Victor Colvard is selling his Beavertail. This was the second wood/fiberglass boat I built after giving up on framed boats. This was supposed to be my show boat but I ran short of cash and sold it to Victor before I was even finished. This is a ribless wood/fiberglass boat. Stitch and glue as it were. These were the first stitch and glue driftboats you could buy in its day. Others were built back then, perhaps, but they weren't for sale. In that sense this is a one-of-a-kind mint condition collector's item.

Victor guided out of this boat on the Big Horn for close to a decade--starting in 1980 or so when the Big Horn was first opened up to fishing, back when they caught 4 to 6 pound fish every trip down the river. Those days are long gone.

Then Victor retired and this boat been in a shed for almost 20 years now. Ever since.

This Beavertail is in top notch shape. Victor sanded it and refinished it every year he ever used it. I think Victor wants $4900 dollars for boat, trailer, oars, oarlocks and life jackets. Ready to rock'n roll.

Victor's Beavertail