Materials Notes

The online plans for each MRB plan set includes a materials list for plywood and/or honeycomb core, epoxy and fiberglass fabric.
  • Epoxy: I worked with West System Epoxy products for years. They make good stuff and I have no complaints. But in recent years I've been buying from Larry at Raka. System III makes good resin and there are other sources too. I can't vouch for any of the rest, but those three sources are indeed reliable. Note too, if you do choose to work with West System, don't buy directly from West System. You will get a better price from one of their numerous retail outlets. Use a search engine to shop around.
  • Plywood: Plywood is rapidly becoming the do-it-yourself boat builder's biggest problem. I relied on AA Marine fir for years. It was strong and cheap and I didn't care much what it looked like because I paint my hulls anyway (although I do like to leave gunwales, seats and trim bright finished). But good quality Marine Fir plywood is almost extinct now. What is sold as AA marine fire these days is usually lousy three ply stuff you cannot use with confidence. Hydrotek Meranti is the now the cheapest reliably good plywood. I don't have any sources listed here yet. I'll work on it. You can use Okoume and better yet Sepele too. But they're getting harder to find too. And Sepele is not cheap.
  • Plascore and/or Nidacore Bottoms See the Plascore-bottoms link at screen-left. Plastic honeycomb core is what I use now for all bottom panels.