README for using this site! READ THIS!

This is busy website with lots of pages. Notice the bold-colored letters at the top of this page ..(home)/Driftboats

Those letters are an important navigation tool. No matter what file system folder or directory you click your way into you can always back up a step by clicking the right spot in that navigation link. Right now you are in the "Driftboats" folder. You could return to this site's home page by hovering the mouse over the letters "(home)" above and clicking the mouse.

On the other hand, if you click into the "Gunwale-Choices" link at screen middle-left the path above will then read as: ..(home)/Gunwale-Choices. If you then want to return to where you just were hover the mouse of the word "Driftboats" and then make a left-button mouse click.

Once you know how to get around the rest is easy.