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Have you ever made a dubbing brush? Most tiers do it with a rotary vise and two strands of fine wire sandwiched around some sparsely arranged fibers. Then they twist up the brush and then wind it onto the shank of a streamer hook to make a sparse but 3D body. There are lots of good tutorials on youtube.

This wet fly was made with badger guard hairs in a dubbing brush, but the brush was made with fly tying thread instead of wire.

Right before spreading the fibers I soaked the thread in fabric cement. Then twisted it up. And then put a small amount of additional fabric cement (not too much) on the shank, just prior to winding the dubbing brush hackle.

Next step for me is to make a few dry flies this way too. Rooster hackles beware!

Fwiw Aleene's Flexible Stretchable fabric cement is the best for fly tying. There are dozens of brands and they all work. But Aleene's Flexible Stretchable is the best.

Note too, Flexible Stretchable is a brand. Aleene makes a half a dozen different fabric cements. Flexible Stretchable is the one to get.