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What you get for $25 dollars is a password

There are a lot public, free-for-all pages here at Montana Riverboats.

What is for sale is a password granting access to blocks of HTML pages, diagrams, images and

step-by-step instructions for building three different boats.

The password protected pages are all in epub format, which means they look a lot like

like electronic book pages read in a Kindle, Barnes and Noble Mobi or Googe Playbooks ebook.

I used to sell real paper blueprints paried with a ring-bound manual. Others still do that, for prices

ranging from $150 dollars and up, for only one boat at a time..

From Montana Riverboats you get a password for $25 dollars, granting online acccess

to three complete plan sets. There is even a fourth not-yet completed plan set (the Dayak) thrown

in for free. Buy a password. Look things over. Ask for a refund if you have buyer's remorse.

I'm easy.
I don't need a reason. Just a request. Good luck. Sandy.