What you get for $30 dollars is a password

There are a lot of public free-for-all pages here at Montana Riverboats. What is for sale is a password granting access to blocks of HTML pages, diagrams, images and step-by-step instructions for building three different boats--five boats actually, because two of the boats (Beavertail and Honky Dory) are documented in two different sizes.
Grand HD
The only pages that do prompt for a password have the characters 'Ebook' or 'Diagrams' in the text of the link. I used to sell real paper blueprints paried with a ring-bound manual. Others still do that, for prices ranging from $150 dollars and up, for only one boat at a time..

From Montana Riverboats you get a password for $30 dollars, granting online acccess to three different boats coming as five individual plan sets--if you count the 15' and 17' foot size options available for both the Beavertail and the Honky Dory. There is even a fourth not-yet completed plan set (the Dayak) thrown in for free. Buy a password. Look things over.

Note too: The forum is a separate password. You have to create your own forum password by navigating to the forum and clicking the "Login or Register" button. The following is an example of a link that does prompt for a $30 dollar password:

(Honky Dory) Ebook-hd-15

Ask for a refund if you have buyer's remorse. I'm easy. I don't need a reason. Just a request. Good luck. Sandy.

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Foot wells in place. Plumbing (drain the foot wells) next. Then the deck. plumbing




up-deckdonut.jpg This is a sub-deck donut. It gets fastened down over gobs of marine silicone caulk. The real deck clamps down on top with heavy-duty locking wire clasps, over a 2" inch thick foam gasket.

The real deck is, in other words, removable. Which makes coolers duffle bags and groovers a lot easier to deal with.

This decked white water boat is or will be a strong 17' feet long with a 66" bottom and an 8' foot beam. This shop has a 9' foot ceiling, which provides some scale to the image.




paragon body up-ztk_2022-07-30-07.15.52_DMap_Female-pmd-paragon.jpg

















7" inches long, built on a length of spawn sack and a snelled hook. Tungsten beads on the leader can add weight.

This is essentially a Game Changer tied around spawn sack netting and a snelled hook--instead of stainless steel wire. Carefully, sparsely-placed micro dabs of fabric cement in a few strategic places make it all work--or stay together.

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