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The Whale Rider

After thirty years of making wood/fiberglass stitch and glue and all fiberglass boats I'm gradually moving back to all wood. Or mostly wood. This one has a fiberglass bottom and will have all wood above the bottom shoe. This will be a big decked white water boat. 66" inches wide on the bottom. 8' across the oar locks. 18' foot side panels makes and end-to-end length a tad less than 17' feet long. 30 degree side flare without too much rocker.

I thought about calling it the San Wanderer. But it's a Whale Rider. A boat this wide will float in just a few inches of water, which will make it turn on a dime. As a well-rockered boat with a up-curved transom it will be easy to slow down. And just as easy to jump forward when pushing on the oars.
Whale Rider

Wooden Boats

dayak at Joe Hutch
Above is an all-fiberglass Dayak I built over a simple one-off male mold. With fiberglass or with glass over plywood you don't have to be much of a wood worker. It all gets covered in glass and painted anyway.

Now I'm making a big decked Grand Canyon Dory that's all wood except the bottom,and 8" inches up the chine. Fiberglass bottom. Wooden top. Fun stuff. The main purpose of this boat is to keep me interested. I can't do the same thing more than twice and then I have to move on.

With wood you have to go slowly and get it right. A sixteenth of an inch gap looks bad. It's OK. I can do it. But it does take time.

Whale Rider

side panels The Whale Rider is an experimental boat with fiberglass bottom and wooden top. This will be a big decked white water dory. Older (move down)
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What you get for $25 dollars is a password

There are a lot public, free-for-all pages here at Montana Riverboats. What is for sale is a password granting access to blocks of HTML pages, diagrams, images and step-by-step instructions for building three different boats.

The only pages that do prompt for a password have the characters 'Ebook' or 'Diagrams' in the text of the link. The password protected pages are all in epub format, which means they look like like electronic book pages read in a Kindle, Barnes and Noble Mobi or Googe Playbooks ebook.

I used to sell real paper blueprints paried with a ring-bound manual. Others still do that, for prices ranging from $150 dollars and up, for only one boat at a time..

From Montana Riverboats you get a password for $25 dollars, granting online acccess to three different boats coming as five individual plan sets, if you count the bigger and smaller size options available for the Beavertail and the Honky Dory. There is even a fourth not-yet completed plan set (the Dayak) thrown in for free. Buy a password. Look things over.

Note too: The forum is a separate password. You have to create your own forum password by navigating to the forum and clicking the "Login or Register" button. The following is an example of a link that does prompt for a $25 dollar password:

(Honky Dory) Ebook-hd-15

Ask for a refund if you have buyer's remorse. I'm easy. I don't need a reason. Just a request. Good luck. Sandy.