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Deck Donut

up-up-ddonut.jpg The deck donut--now bottom side up, getting a bit of fiberglass reinforcement. The rest of the deck will hinge up and down onto this perimeter, over the seat wells and over a 2" inch thick foam gasket.


Bill fish

That's my buddy Bill yesterday, catching a small cutthroat on a home made bamboo fly rod. Bill gets $2500 each for his rods and his orders are a year out right now. This one's 5wt. Damn nice rod. It almost casts itself, and you can reach out to 60' feet if you want. No problem. up-billfish.jpg



Sockeye Shiner Streamer

In late summer when the fishing is slow many resort to beetles and tiny hoppers. I like big hoppers, even in late summer. For streamers on the other hand, at least when it's bright and hot I like small. This one is tied on a #14 wet fly hook.



bobber hopper
Keep it simple stupid? I used to put a wing cover and fancy kicker legs on my foam hoppers. But any overlay wing cover makes the fly harder to cast without any benefit, other than appearance to human eyes. So too for the kicker legs. These guys float forever and last for several seasons--if you don't snag them on a branch. And they catch all species of fish in hopper season. I've even caught channel catfish on these guys. I want to try them for bonefish someday.

More simpler is more better.
Gray or tan on bottom for the fish. Bright yellow on top for sight deprived geezers. Older (move down)
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