Book Sale Aug_1_2022

It will take me a week or two to get this together. After a retina surgery that went badly I can only read digitally now, where I can raise the font size. So what the hell. These books are tits on a bull for me now.

At least for now (this might change eventually) I'm only interested in a lump sum for the lot. For all of them at once.

Among other things this a very good George Grant collection. It's not complete but it's close. I have the collector's item book here (The Master Fly Weaver) plus Grant's Riffle, a few ring binder manuals and a complete set of the now out of print pamphlets George wrote, that were printed by the Big Hole River Foundationm, or was it the Butte Chamber of Commerce? Or both?

I don't think those pamphlets are available any more. Also included are two extremely rare tape cassette recordings George made, that would come accompanied by a matching pair of DVD copies. George apparently made a dozen or more such tape cassettes. Most are lost. A complete set was recently donated to the Montana State Library and/or the American Fly Fishing Museum. Copies are not in any way for sale however. Not yet anyway. I have two originals. One is George's life story, as told by George. The other tape is the life story of Don Martinez. It's here if you want it.

If you are a George Grant collector the audio tapes are the biggest and hardest to find prize. These are the only two original tapes for sale in the world rigbht now. I'll have to do some digging, to find out what they're worth. The Master Fly Weaver used to go for $200 in Ebay. It's down to maybe $90 now. The cassettes are worth a lot more.

Click here to make me an offer.

In the days to come I'll add captions to the various book photos with links to online comments and "for example" value amounts. We'll see. It might take a year or two to sell these books. I have a hunch they'll move eventually.


George Grant Short Journeys