Montana Riverboats

Online Plans -- plus how to design your own

What you get for $30 dollars is a password that links to a book about DIY boat designing and building plus specifications material lists and dimensions for six different boats--with one more (the Whale Rider) yet to come. Ask for a refund if you end up with buyer's remorse. I'm easy. I only want happy campers here. I don't need a reason. Just a request. Good luck. Sandy.


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Honky Dory -- Grand Canyon
Honky Dory in the Grand Canyon
Larry Hedrick's stitch-and-glue wood/fiberglass Honky Dory -- Carnage


Kirk Dittenber's Aluminum Honky Dory
Think of aluminum as a special hotrod version of plywood--and weld it at the edges instead of guiing it.

Ten year old all-fiberglass Dayak at Joe-hutch--May 2018

Desolation Canyon May 2018
Notice the tail
A Beaverail -- Circa 1982
Ducktail Green Drake
Green Drake
A Ducktail Green Drake