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What to do with all those layout lines?

Posted by Sandy 
I am going to fiberglass my side panels. My plan for the finished boat is to have the outside painted and the inside natural wood finish. Now that I have followed sandy's plans I have pencil lines every 6 inches, obviously not really apealling under the natural finish. Can I erase them and use the lines that will be on the outside of the boat, or do they need to be there for a later step. Am I just better off painting the whole thing inside and out? I want to fiberglass as soon as possible (today)

In reply to "What to do with all those layout lines?"

OK, as per the instructions that come with the plans,
I heartily recommend pre-fiberglassing the inside
surface of the side panels (while lying flat, on
saw horses, or whatever) before attaching them to
the temporary ribs. Temporary ribs (or strongback stations)
give the boat its shape, as soon as the side pieces
go on (and before the bottom goes on).

You don't need layout lines until after you have
fiberglassed those inside surfaces. That way you can
put pencil lines on top of the glass finish--that
correspond to temporary rib locations. Later, when
you take the temporary ribs out, you can sand off
the pencil lines then.
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