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Raka Resin mixtures by weight

Posted by Sandy 
Raka Resin mixtures by weight
May 14, 2014 07:06PM
From Raka -- other manufacturers will be different

2:1 epoxies 100/43
4:1 epoxies 100/23
5:1 epoxies 100/18

You would need a digital postal or kitchen scale to make use of this information. And a pocket calculator. Pumps are easier but less accurate.

There are several ways to think about this. One way is to put an empty Yogurt container on the scale and then to pour resin into the cup. See how much it weighs.

For 2:1 mixtures multiply the weight of the resin by 0.43 to get the required hardener weight. Pour and measure that in a separate container. Now mix the two.


Take two. Pour resin into an empty cup. Weigh it. Multiply by 0.43 to get the weight of the needed hardener. Add the two weights. Now pour hardener into the resin cup slowly, watching the digital scale. Stop pouring hardener into the cup when the combined weight is the sum of the separate resin and hardener weights. That's the lazy man's technique. So that's what I do.

Re: Raka Resin mixtures by weight
June 03, 2014 07:33PM
Thanks for the post. I will kept bookmarked.

Hoping my cast comes off tomorrow (surgical repair of torn tendon which happened in February, completely ruining any plans to work on the boat and or rowing this year) and can get back working on my shop. It's first before the boat work.

Thanks Workman's Comp for delaying the surgical repair so long. But since the initial MRI was delayed 41 days from date of injury, I wasn't expecting much.


"Trout don't live in ugly places."

Re: Raka Resin mixtures by weight
June 05, 2014 01:58PM
In the leadin post I said "pumps are less accurate." They're plenty accurate at first. Perhaps forever if you live in a warm place. But resin and hardener sometimes crystalize slightly, if you live in a cold place. When even small amounts of hard resin or hardener crystals get lodged inside the pump mechanism you can start to get bogus mixtures. And it's hard to tell. Sticky and messy to clean up.

Weighing resin takes a little fussing and practice at first. And then it becomes automatic. And it always works.
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