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It's been a long time

Posted by MikeInBoise 
It's been a long time
September 17, 2015 05:37AM
I started this project a while back...like 2007, maybe 2006. The first three pictures below were taken in 2009 as I moved out of that house. Then I didn't touch my boat until 2015. In the intervening 6 years, I changed jobs, bought a new home, rebuilt said home, and started planning a Brewery. Well finally a buddy and I got my project Honkey Dory revived. The following 7 pictures are 2015 pictures of my Honkey Dory. The frames are out. The flat gunwales are on and now we are debating interior options and functionality.

This bad boy will get done! Awkwardly our Brewery is slated to open this December some I see some potential hurdles but my buddy is pretty motivated (and probably wants some beer ;-) He'll get all he wants).

Re: It's been a long time
September 17, 2015 01:33PM
Pretty cool Mike
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