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Paint Quantities

Posted by MikeInBoise 
Paint Quantities
October 08, 2015 02:11PM
Roughly speaking, will 2 gallons of paint cover a Honkey Dory inside and out? Or would it be 2 quarts?
Re: Paint Quantities
October 08, 2015 03:27PM
Two quarts should be more than enough, especially so if you use all one color. I usually paint the inside a different color but that's style more than anything else.

I used to mention ordinary oil based alkyd house paint as a viable option. It costs about $40 a gallon, which is good. But it isn't very durable. Way easy to scratch. Repairs to house paint are easy. You can sand lightly and dab on some new paint at any time.

One part "boat paints" like Petitt Easy Poxy (which is not in any way epoxy, it's just a high quality alkyd paint) is good but it costs $35 a quart and you only get 16 colors. Same for the Jamestown paints. Can spray brush or roll them on. Repairs easily. I don't like the limited and plain Jane highly saturated color choices they provide.

Two part automotive paint is good, long-term durable stuff and you get ten zillion color and glossy/matt combinations. But it must be sprayed on and it's easy to f%$k it up. Spray painting automotive paint takes equipment and skills, all of which I learned by wasting some paint in the first place. Repairs have to be sprayed on too.

Two part "marine paints" are in a class by themselves as the most expensive option. Just as hard to apply as automotive and I'm not convinced they're any different.

Re: Paint Quantities
October 09, 2015 09:47PM
2 quarts will cover inside and out, if using primer. I like the System 3 two-part water based primer. Goes on nicely with a roller, no nasty odor or fumes, and sands to a smooth finish.

Over the primer, there will be paint left over from a quart of Petit Easypoxy, one each for inside and out. Can't say how much if no primer.

Easypoxy can be applied using the roll and tip method and an excellent finish can be achieved. In a recent repaint I didn't tip, just rolled using the 1/8 inch nap roller (7 inch cut in half). The finish is fine, there is a tiny bit of stipple, but only from about 2 feet or closer. Each coat used about 100 - 120 mls of paint thinned 10% with the Petit thinner. Six coats total, scuffed with scotchbrite between coats and sanded lightly to even things between coats 3 and 4. 24 hours between coats.

Nice job on the gunnels and interior. You showed me pics of earlier stages when we dinned in Stanley during the Upper Salmon projects site visit.
Re: Paint Quantities
October 10, 2015 09:37PM
Chris are you done? Well we're never done. But have you rowed it?

I want to row that boat myself someday.
Re: Paint Quantities
October 12, 2015 01:00AM
Chris, I can appreciate and emphasize with your frustration and your desire to build your boat right. Heck I didn't do any decking or hatches and it took four plus years to build my boat. I also went back to college and earned a degree in Information Technology, cleaned out the garage, wired it, insulated, sheetrocked and painted it. I didn't have enough heat in the winters to paint or glass so I had to wait for 60 + degree temps to work. I also made enough mistakes, also known as learning experiences that I figure I built my boat three or four times. I too have had good luck with the Harbor Freight HVLP gun.

I used an industrial water borne polyurethane paint, two part style. I still have 1/2 gallon left.

I still has a pretty good gloss after three years. I want to repaint it to correct some of painting errors, Maybe next year!

We did another boat with Kirby's paint. we rolled and tipped it. Definitely easier than spraying but not as smooth either.

Rick N
Re: Paint Quantities
October 12, 2015 11:54AM
Nice looking boat Rick! Hope to see it some day.
Re: Paint Quantities
October 12, 2015 02:58PM
Thanks, come on back to the Wooden Boat Festival or meet me on the Missouri or Marias Rivers next year.Heading back to do photojournalism trips covering Lewis & Clarks travel on those rivers next summer. Heading down to the Clearwater to do a float tomorrow. Go to lewisandclarktoday.com to look over my friends work. Yesterday's page had some of the pictures from a trip two years ago. Here's one Kris took on that trip.

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