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Mixing resin -- and cleaning up thereafter

Posted by Sandy 
Mixing resin -- and cleaning up thereafter
October 20, 2015 10:58PM
I've taken to weighing resin on layup days, when I need a lot. There is a sticky post at the top of this forum with weights for Raka resins. For other manufacturers you'd have to call their 800 number and ask about the weight ratios. I use a digital postal scale and a calculator.

But weighing is too much trouble for small quantities. Plastic pumps that go right on top of the bottles are one alternative.

Another is an approximately $300 "Sticky Stuff" dispenser that comes in any ratio you want, such as 2:1 or 5:1

Trouble is they get clogged up with crystalized resin if left unused for too long. Cleaning them is a sticky mess. But unavoidable if you want to use them. They sure are convenient when all tuned up and working properly.

I used to use Acetone and/or Lacquer Thinner from the hardware store. But I recently discovered the Lacquer Thinner sold at auto parts stores, for cleaning automotive spray equipment, is far more macho. It cleans up faster and better than the hardware store variety. This macho lacquer thinner cleans up anything. It takes a while but it will even soften up hardened resin. Got some C-clamps all crusted with hardened resin? Put them in a bucket of automotive lacquer thinner for two days and it peels right off.

Re: Mixing resin -- and cleaning up thereafter
October 22, 2015 01:42PM
I have also had good luck with lacquer thinner to clean paint brushes that have old paint stuck in the bristles. Might be hard on the bristles in the long run but it certainly gets the paint out. It's my new favorite tool in the workshop. To bad the paint is going on to tables, chairs, window frames and not a boat! On the other hand the paint work pays for fishing licenses and fuel. Four native steelhead so far this year. Leaving again for the Clearwater in a few hours.

Rick N

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