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Thinking out loud about decking a white water boat

Posted by Sandy 
Thinking out loud about decking a white water boat
October 28, 2015 12:58PM
I've made one decked boat so far--my little one man dory--the dayak. It had a bolt down lid at first and then I glassed it down permanently. Which I regret now. Removable is more better.

Why not a skin decking? Water-proofed heavy gauge nylon back pack material, or something like poly-what-ever-it is new raft material could be stretched over a frame with overlapping velcro lids. Or somehow something vaguely like a kayak spray skirt, where the lid has an elastic rim that snaps into place.

Hard decked boats are a real pain in the ass to deal with. Especially at maintenance time. A removable bolt down hard lid is better than permanent. I've done it both ways and now I know.

A removable (heavy water proof) fabric lid might just be the cat's meow.

Re: Thinking out loud about decking a white water boat
October 28, 2015 02:42PM
I have been think about the same issue. So many materials are out there, just a matter of finding the right one of the job. The main hassle is the work required on hatch lids. I'm sure the simple answer is neoprene compression seals. If they can keep water out of a submarine, this should be easy. I got a new cooler, a larger good quality pelican job. I need to rework the center compartment so that it's open. I want the cooler to drop in. Instead of actually having it below deck I plan to keep the area just big enough for the cooler and use a pump to evacuate water. I was so thinking about covering it with hypalon reft material in the same way a spray skirt works. That will allow most of the water to roll over the top.

I've got the plan. Just one problem, I don't have a shop! Running out of time to get all my ducks in a row. Once Bernie Sanders takes over and declares me to be wealthy, I will never get that shop. I'll be paying for his pension.
Re: Thinking out loud about decking a white water boat
October 28, 2015 03:29PM
You don't have enough money to steal. So you're safe.

On Jeremy's Yampa trip there was a cool ski shop couple who had a decked Boulder Boat Works boat. Seemed like a good boat. The hull was maybe a bit floppy. But still a good boat.

It had kayak spray skirt like compression lids. Round ones about 36" inches in diameter. They weren't wide enough. You had to tip coolers sideways to get them in and then scoot them around with your foot. But the idea is sound.

I've been thinking about a double ender hull. But the tombstone transom has two purposes: A) for some people it's a place to put and outboard and B) it makes the rear end of the boat bigger. I'm not sure I want to make my 18' panels pull back to not much bigger than my 16' foot panels with a transom.

I suppose I could have made 20' foot panels. But I didn't. And my shop isn't big enough. I'm running out of room with the 17' footer
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