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Whitewater and the Dayak

Posted by MarkF 
Whitewater and the Dayak
December 23, 2015 02:31AM
Sandy, You need to try your Dayak on this.

Re: Whitewater and the Dayak
December 31, 2015 12:47PM
When I was in college as a 40+ years old-fart student I met some extreme kayakers who did the Lochsa at high water every year. I ran the Beartrap Canyon with them a few times but always found an excuse not to go the Lochsa.

One of those guys was among the first to drop over Kootenai Falls in a kayak. And live. The most extreme thing those guys did--every year--was to run the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone Canyon. They spoke about it reverent, almost religious terms. When I was in high school the Clark's Fork was said to be "not runnable."

I paddled the Gallatin Canyon with those guys (and gals) a few times too, although I got out before House Rock and they didn't. Every few miles down the river they would all get out and huddle around in a circle to pass beverages around. And to talk about all their old friends who had "died in a freak accident."

That told me something. On that video above it was interesting to see the Creature Craft tumble around too. They always seem to bounce back upright again at some point. But they seem to go over a lot too.

Photos of supposedly self-righting ocean rowing dories like this one make me wonder about a shorter, much wider version of the same as a self-righting white water dory.

Re: Whitewater and the Dayak
December 31, 2015 01:01PM
I watch a lot of those white water youtubes. One of the craziest places is Jacob's Ladder on the North Fork of the Payette. Continuous non-stop class V for several miles.

In all of those vids you people who fall out of their raft or dory when the boat gets almost vertical sideways, but doesn't go all the way over. The rower falls out of the boat right before the boat rights itself. Makes me think seat belts are called for.

Another thing I notice a lot. I know it's easier said than done. Monday morning navigating you might say. But for raft flip after raft flip video I see them drifting passively into the worst possible place. Those big rafts are almost impossible to move. So you do have to get them setup right a long time in advance. Dories are a bit more correctable. Or you see them trying to ferry away from a big hole at the last minute, but waiting too late, so instead of going in head first they hit it somewhat sideways. And over it goes.

If it was me I'd never flip because I'm so skilled. Ok I'm full of shit. I know. But you do see lots of videos of raft flips, where your first reaction is "rowing lessons! rowing lessons! rowing lessons!"
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