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Eric's Honky Dory

Posted by Sandy 
Eric's Honky Dory
January 28, 2016 10:57PM
I got this photo in the mail today. Couldn't help smiling.

Re: Eric's Honky Dory
January 30, 2016 03:12AM
Re: Eric's Honky Dory
February 05, 2016 08:28PM
Hi Sandy,
I had forgotten you had a forum on your website or I would have posted my build here also. I just wanted to explain how I got to the point of the build shown in the picture Sandy posted.

It's been a very fun and challenging process, I have learned a lot. I decided to build a boat last winter and bought your plans. By the time I got the garage cleaned and organized all I had time to do before summer hit was to build the strong back. I finally got back to the boat on Christmas eve when I bought 2 sheets 6mm Okume and 3 sheets of 12mm.

My first bump in the road was cutting a scarf, my well used and cheap skill saw was not up to the task! I had purchased a West System scarffer and mounted it on my saw, when I made my first few cuts they came out very wavy and clearly would not work. These cuts were on scrap plywood, no harm done other than to my confidence. The arbor on my saw would move in and out about 1/16" and this seemed to be causing my poor scarf cuts, my first of many tool replacements. The cuts were perfect with the new saw.

Next step was to glue up some of my test scarf cuts as I had never used epoxy before. The test joints worked really well, the plywood adjacent to the scarf broke when I tested their strength.

Time to start on the boat itself! I cut all of my joints and glued them up, all turned out very well. The lay up and cutting of the side panels turned out nice. Then came the glassing, after I had glassed one of the side panels I noticed that the hardener was nearly empty while I had used just over half of the resin. I called West System for some guidance, they were very helpful. Tom P. the tech who I dealt with was able to determine the likely strength of the improper ratio epoxy and determined the cause was the resin pump. At this point I was going to ask that they supply me with some hardener so I could use the rest of the resin. Before I could ask he offered a full replacement of resin, hardener, pump set and the glass cloth! I was very impressed, a tech who actually knew the product and a company that stands behind their products, all in one place! I tested the pumps to start with but the pump failed at some point during the work. I still am using the (new) pumps but weighing each batch.

It seemed like I had worked on the boat for four weeks with no visible progress and then in about 3 hours it went from a pile of flat plywood to something resembling a boat.

My goal is to have the boat done in time for the McKenzie River Wooden Drift Boat show in late April. I have some more pictures but could not get them into the post.

Thanks for the great set of plans, Eric
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