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Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat

Posted by ibebirdman 
Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 05, 2016 06:12AM
It is time to simplify my life. More that couple years ago I started all plascore Honky Dory build, but I have not touched it for longer that I would care to admit. It is time to admit that I ain't going to finish it, and I need my shop back for other projects.

The boat still on the forms, sides and bottom in place. 1/2in plascore throughout. Gunnels are not installed but they are scarfed and hanging on the wall. I have a couple extra sheets of plascore for building dry compartments (I had some plans for extra dry storage compartments, I was going for a "semi-decked" style for white water rafting). I was going to double the bottom and put kevlar in the middle. I have plascore for that too. I have all the fiberglass/kevlar for the whole build, I got it from Raka.

So i want to "pay of forward" and give it someone interested to seeing to completion. No money, if you are willing to drive to Lewiston Idaho, you can have it.

Send me a PM and we can talk. Serious inquiries only. I will send pictures. I don't need it going now, but sometime in the next couple months. This is not first come, first served, I want someone who will see it through (unlike me :-) and someone who might let me buy it back someday in the future if they ever want to part with it.

Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 05, 2016 06:04PM
Amazing. Good for you. A person does have to be half crazy to build a boat. It is a lot of work. This works out well for me because I'm beyond halfway.
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 06, 2016 01:57AM
I am just finishing a Honkey. I will be up in Lewiston next week and I am interested. How should I get a hold of you?
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 06, 2016 04:20AM
Sent a PM with Pictures
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 11, 2016 02:36AM
My boat is off to a new home with MikeInBoise. I am confident he will talk good care of her.

Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 13, 2016 03:02AM
Wow. What a week. I got everything down to Boise in one piece. This looks to be a blast to deck a Honkey! Thank you ibebirdman !
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 13, 2016 03:16AM
Larry and Jeremy have both built decked Honky Dories. And run them down that canyon too. The Grand one. The HD is too small as a Grand Canyon Dory. But it worked well enough.
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 13, 2016 05:27AM
I have thought about that very fact long and hard for the last week and decided for week long trips in Idaho and parts east the Honkey will be great! If I get a ticket to the big dance, I'll have enough time to build the right companion. Shit....I'll do that anyway; it's just a matter of time.

I need to build a Bronze Foundry...need some bling.
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 13, 2016 12:43PM
As you know I'm building a decked 17' footer now. Progress is slow but I'm old and I'm busy with other things too. But I am working on it. Rounded off the lower end of transom (on the form) yesterday--so the boat will have less tendency to push water if what ever.

I'm looking forward to doing fishing day trips with that boat. It will be fun to fish from higher up. Not sure how much higher it will be. I still don't have the deck design down pat. I tend to do everything on the fly. So I'll design the deck when I get to building it.

But I am thinking about some already. I'm thinking the seating posture for the front fishermen will be modeled on the front seat of a car, with legs down but also out in front--so the seating well does not go all the way to the floor. The front guy could stand at any time. So he'd probably be fishing from a foot higher up than in an open boat. But not two feet up.

Same for anyone in the rear. Now here's a really wild idea. I've seen West Coast boats with a permanent motor well built into the back, so a bigger motor can be mounted closer to the rower, so the boat trims properly and can handle a 100hp jet pump. Which means there can be no rear passenger.

Would it be possible to build a boat with a motor well behind the rower that extends all the way to the transom, that could be replaced by a bolt in/bolt out module that allowed the boat to be rowed instead of powered? So you could have a rear passenger today, replaced by a 100hp jet tomorrow?
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 14, 2016 05:17AM
That sounds really interesting. I don't know about 100 hp... You'd need a tall cherry picker to put it on and take it off. Plus wailing around with a flat bottom being pushed by a 100 hp; that might be a little much!
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 14, 2016 01:20PM
R> "cherry picker to remove a big motor"

Good point. But perhaps you wouldn't lift it. Leave it clamped onto a bolt-in module that slides in and out. Unbolt the motor module. Pull the boat away from it. Drop in the rear seat module.

I could write it in Python. Oops. I'm getting my wires crossed.
Re: Early Spring Cleaning = Free Boat
February 14, 2016 04:54PM
It might be like riding a Python! You could really make some time on the big lakes and rivers in your territory!

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