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The Bellystone

Posted by Sandy 
The Bellystone
May 02, 2016 05:48PM
This is the boat I've been talking about in the "Before the next Ice Age" thread.

It's not a boat at this point it's a plug. Or mold or form. But it's a finished plug now. Straight plumb parallel and movable. On wheels. Ready for step two: a 4mil Visqueen and Plascore covering. And then fiberglass.

But it does have a final shape so it could also have a name. Right now I'm calling the Bellystone. That will almost certainly change. But you have to start somewhere.

It's made from 18' foot side panels so it will be roughly 17' feet long. The form is 64" inches wide across the middle of the bottom with approximately 7' feet of beam. So, after Plascore and fiberglass the finished boat will be approximately 66" wide across the bottom, which is 18" wider than the Briggs. That's a wide boat for a dory but not particularly wide for a raft. How will it row? That's still a long way off. But there's no going back now.

Or is it the Bellystone?
Re: The Jellystoner
May 02, 2016 11:07PM
That is SEXY!
Re: The Bellystone
May 25, 2016 03:36AM
I like that a lot Sandy. I look forward to seeing more.
Re: The Bellystone
May 25, 2016 03:46AM
Had eye surgery this mornig. Doc wants me to stay away from sawdust for a few weeks. Shit. Might have to fish. Or photograph critters.
Re: The Bellystone
May 26, 2016 03:26AM
Hope you recovery quickly!
Re: The Bellystone
September 17, 2016 03:28PM
Back to the future.

I still can't see shit. Have cataract surgery now. In three weeks. Boat building sometimes comes with an overhead price. This shop is only about 6-7 years old but the door jamb and floor at the side door rotted out, where I never shovelled snow because the door opens in. And were I didn't have it flashed properly. My bad. I will shovel it now.

I had to gouge up the sub-flooring and then replaced with Miratech coated in fiberglass. And then replaced the side door with a commercial metal door and jamb. And then painted the whole shop. Boats are like pool tables. It only costs about $1000 to buy a used pool table. But then you need a $25,000 dollar room to put it in.

Next step is to finish the damned boat. I hope to row it next season.

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