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Drift Boat Length for Two

Posted by BigWalker 
Drift Boat Length for Two
May 07, 2016 12:22PM
I am planning on building a stitch & glued drift boat next winter. I currently have an NRS Freedom which is 14 ft, with a 52" width, It is used mostly in Southwest Virginia, North Carolina Tennessee tailgaters and non dam shallow rivers. The areas are not more then class two mostly mild water.
I am having difficulty deciding on what length to build. Currently I am looking at the Cajune designs. The classic is 47" wide and the Guide is 55". I was thinking of the classic 12 but prefer it wider. Any experience with short drifts with this width would be helpful or is 12 too short.
thank you
Re: Drift Boat Length for Two
May 07, 2016 07:02PM
Good looking boat Tungsten. I have a 9' foot one man boat. I could moVe the rowers seat back a bit and put two on that boat but it would be a bit tight. I think ten feet is the minimum comfortable 2 man length.
Re: Drift Boat Length for Two
May 07, 2016 11:39PM
Tungsten very nice skiff, I have given that design a lot of consideration as well. I remeasured the NRS and it is 70" at the oars and 55"on the water and 14' length
If I go with a Cajune design the guide is 55" and 15' length or the classic at 48" and 12' length. Sounds like a 12 foot might fit the bill if it was a little wider
Re: Drift Boat Length for Two
May 08, 2016 12:27AM
The Montana Riverboats Buffalo Boat is made from 12 foot side panels. Squeezes three. Roomy for two. I'm trying to buy an old one back so I can deck it.

I'm into decked boats now. For any and all

Re: Drift Boat Length for Two
May 13, 2016 07:22PM
I built Jason's 12 Classic. I like it a lot. A very nimble boat.
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