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installing bottom question

Posted by blakejd 
installing bottom question
June 09, 2016 04:31AM
Here is another maybe stupid question but one that may save me some time and effort. I have prepped the boat for the bottom and squared everything up. I am building an all plascore boat and was thinking I should be able to apply the bottom without cutting it to shape and then use the contour of the boat and a sharp knife to cut the excess rather than marking the bottom shape and them removing and cutting before placing the bottom back on and gluing up. Any thoughts? I have found as I go through this process that because I am working with plascore there are certain tricks to the material that make it both harder and easier depending on the process. I've been keeping track of these little intricacies and plan on posting and tips and tricks for plascore post when I get closer to completion.
Re: installing bottom question
June 09, 2016 08:40PM
No such thing as a dumb question. Really.

Plascore can be thought of as funny looking plywood.

With plywood I used to build temporary rib like formers and then attach the side panels to the temporary ribs. As soon as you pull the front end together and rear end to the transom it looks like a boat. Straighten it up. Make a 4x16' foot panel for the bottom. Put the bottom panel on top of the upside down boat. Weight down the ends so the bottom panel touches the chine all the way around. Trace out the bottom panel with a pencil, following the joint between side panels and bottom. Take the bottom panel off. Cut to pencil line, at the appropriate angle. Actually I like to cut 1/4" wider than the pencil line.

Now glue down the bottom panel........resin, resin putty and boxes of nails. paint cans, skill saws, chain saws, what ever you have to put weight on the panel.

Once the glue is hard use a right angle grinder or belt sander to grind back the chine edge of the bottom panel, which may be a bit wide here and there because you didn't cut tight to the pencil line. Now fiberglass it. Don't worry about the exposed cells in the Plascore at the chine edge. Just glass right over it.
Re: installing bottom question
June 12, 2016 05:53AM
That is exactly what I did today. Let me tell you that boat #2 is a lot less worry and a lot less meticulous.
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