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Hold the presses

Posted by MikeInBoise 
Hold the presses
June 10, 2016 09:52PM
My god...I am actually boat building again! Sandwiching a layer of Kevlar between two layers of plascore on the all plascore Honkey. Fun stuff. Feels like 2006!
Re: Hold the presses
June 10, 2016 10:59PM
Boy you'd better make photos. I'm in a holding pattern. Had eye surgery two weeks ago and I can barely see the computer screen. I'm supposed to get it all back so I'm pretending to not be worried. But right now the table saw is a danger.

I want to finish my all Plascore decked 17 footer and then to build one more boat. Which would be all plywood, with no ribs. Big big ledge top gunwale so it keeps its shape even though it has no ribs. And so a deck can be bolted down onto a gasket at any time, so it could be open or decked, as tomorrow dictates.

No paint no varnish no glue. Caulk at the joints instead of glue so any and all parts can be removed and replaced at any time. Oil the shit out of it and row it that way too.

I'm not saying it's better. I just like new.
Re: Hold the presses
June 12, 2016 05:50AM
Your "next boat" ideas sound interesting. My buddy Pat would love that design philosophy Sandy.

Two notes of interest. I had my Honkey out on the Main Salmon last week and I smacked the F@#$% out the chine. I was sooo excited afterward and I wanted to see how it held up and what damage I inflicted. The upside was that I hit hard enough my buddy about fell off the cooler (front seat) and he spilt his beer yet the damage was a little crushed Plascore the area the size of a big chicken turd or small golf ball. That was a hell of hit and I fixed it in about 15 minutes include digging out the tools and materials to do the job.

Second point of interest was that I got the Kevlar laid up yesterday on the whitewater dory and the second layer of Plascor adhered to the bottom. Today I got the bottom trimmed and laid up the edge with 10" biaxial tape. As that was kicking we (Pat and my middle daughter) laid up 20 oz triaxial stitched matt. Holy crap did that EAT epoxy. So the bottom lay up at this point is 1/2 Placore, 8 or 10 oz Kevlar, 1/2 inch Plascore and 20 oz triaxial mat. I swear we went through two gallons of epoxy. It looks tough, and feels solid. I need to review the threads on Plascore whitewater bottom lay ups, but I think the collective wisdom is that I need another 20-30 oz of glass. I will look tomorrow and figure out what was said/prefered.
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