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Roll top gunwale

Posted by Sandy 
Roll top gunwale
June 13, 2016 05:42PM
I'm not sure who made this boat. For some reason I have a hunch it was made in or near Driggs Idaho. This is a narrow 48" bottom boat, which I don't like. I like wider. But the gunwale is interesting. This roll top gunwale was molded separately from the hull and then glassed in place, with gel-coat sprayed over the manual seam to make it look like one continuous fiberglass container.

This is much the same idea as my "ledge top" gunwale. Just a bit more complex. Molded gunwales that roll to the outside can be molded all in one piece as part of the hull. But they catch too much wind. Rolled to the inside is better. Wind-wise anyway. But it is trickier to build.

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