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CAD to modify Buffalo Boat

CAD to modify Buffalo Boat
January 23, 2017 07:51PM
So my vision was for a Buffalo Boat with lower sides, wider transoms, and dished to decrease rocker.

I also lengthened the boat a bit, interesting how quickly the angles change. I'll post back once i get it in 3D.

Re: CAD to modify Buffalo Boat
January 23, 2017 10:04PM
Very cool. The Buffalo Boat was unique in its day. I built the first one back in 1982 I think. Most of the square ended boats built now are a bit longer and flatter.

I'm trying to get an old one back. I have a friend who owns one of the first BB boats I ever built. And he never uses it now. I'd like to get it back so I can deck it. And turn it into a small two person white water boat. For that purpose I'd leave it fully rockered.

For day trip fly fishing a slightly flatter bottom would be better. Like what you are doing.
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