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Trex fascia board

Posted by Sandy 
Trex fascia board
April 03, 2017 03:31PM
I'm 68. When I was doing subcontract roofing in the late 1970s everybody still used cedar boards for fascia material. I mostly did new construction back then but the few re-roof jobs I got almost always included putting on new cedar fascia boards at the edges of the roof. That was good because I needed work. But it sure is a pain the butt for someone who'd rather not hassle with scaffolding.

It was a real leap forward in the '80s when Trex synthetic fascia board started showing up in the lumber yards. It lasts forever. It's heavy and hard to cut but it doesn't soak up moisture.

And it's the best stuff going for edging on boat locker openings, at least if you don't make molded all-fiberglass everything. If you want to cut it on a table saw and glue it to a boat, for finishing off the edges of exposed Plascore or for making raised locker lids, or for making screw-to cleats on the bottom of the boat for semi-removable seats or standing braces--don't use wood.

The whole "Encapsulated wood" epoxy/fiberglass thing is mostly hype. It works sort of but moisture ALWAYS finds its way in eventually. But Trex isn't wood. And Trex doesn't soak up moisture.


I haven't tried the even newer (last 20 years) synthetic decking boards they sell now. I'll have to buy a few.
Re: Trex fascia board
April 09, 2017 01:33PM
Great idea. I'm thinking about making short (1") rectangular frames on the floor of the boat. These would keep dry boxes and a cooler from slipping around. Tie downs on all sides held down to the trex like all those yeti coolers are done. A dry box in back and front with seats for those fishing, and one in the center for a cooler with a seat for the rower.

Do you think this would hold up as good as glassed and epoxied plascore strips on the floor?

Either way my idea is to drill a small hole for the tie down points and epoxy in the screws to the frame holding the boxes.
Re: Trex fascia board
April 09, 2017 03:36PM
I think Trex is more better for floor cleats. Plascore is hollow so you can't mount screws or bolts without manually filling the honeycomb cells with resin. I do that a lot in other contexts. If there is a flat place you want to mount a hinge I cut away the fiberglass scree and trowel in some putty.

But on the floor it's a lot easier to use Trex. It's hard to cut but it's strong and it doesn't soak up moisture.
Re: Trex fascia board
April 25, 2021 10:20PM
Actually it's Miratec fascia board. Trex is probably the same but That's decking boards. They are probably interchangeable.
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