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A decked design question

Posted by Sandy 
A decked design question
April 08, 2017 04:39PM
Here's a link to a public image on facebook, on the Whitewater Dories group.
The builder here is doing a beautiful job on this woodie. I really like the spare oar slot he built in. I'll do that for sure.

I don't mean to ask this question to be disparaging. The photo below shows an expertly built wooden boat, by someone who knows and cares about boats, boating and boat building craftsmanship. I applaud his work. I'm building my first big decked boat so I have no doubt this builder is far more experienced than me. On and at white water issues.

However. A question does arise. This guy is transforming a traditional open boat design into a decked boat. This boat has both the original ribs and the deck. I don't think you need both. In fact I know you don't. The deck provides side-to-side stiffness at the top of the side panels. Interior partitions do much the same thing as the ribs. The ribs could be eliminated.

I've been building wood/fiberglass and all fiberglass boats for years. I have nothing against fiberglass but I'm bored. I want to move on to something new. So I'm working on an a boat that is all wood from 8" inches above the water up. It will have a deck and no ribs. The bottom the chine and the first 8" inches up the side will be all fiberglass.

So now the question. Why does anyone need or want ribs in a decked boat? Aren't they tits on a bull?


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