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Temperature, humidity and epoxy

Temperature, humidity and epoxy
April 11, 2017 12:51AM
So I've got to move the operation outside to get any further. Going to take all my parts into the garage. My question is, is there a maximum humidity I can work in? Also I'm using the medium hardener from raka what happens if the temperature drops to 40F? I can run a heater in there and a dehumidifier I think.

Going to call raka in the morning and see what's what.
Re: Temperature, humidity and epoxy
April 11, 2017 11:55AM
I live in Montana where it's always dry so I don't know about humidity. I doubt humidity matters much but I don't really know.

Temperature is another matter. I wouldn't try to use any resin at any temperature less than 50 degrees. I have a heated shop. Wood stove and hanging gas heater. On layup days I heat the shop to 90 degrees. Heat the resin with a plugin bathroom heater.

Then I turn down the heat, right before beginning real work. Gas bubbles in the wood or Plascore below are less likely to form and bubble up into the layup when the substrate is warm and the temperature is now slightly falling. That's a little extreme. It isn't a requirement. I can do it and it works for me.

You might want to run a plug in bathroom heater for 2-3 hours first, in your garage, on big fabric layup days. For gluing parts it's less important. Just heat the resin and make sure it's at least 50. 60 or above is better.

On fabric layup days, especially so when laminating plywood rather than Plascore, it's more important to have a warm shop.........more important for fabric layups than for gluing things together.

Re: Temperature, humidity and epoxy
April 11, 2017 05:31PM
Thank you.
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