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Spoke with Raka

Spoke with Raka
April 25, 2017 08:18PM
So i glassed the bottom of the boat, front and back transoms, and most of one side, 3 layers of 17oz biaxial each.

Damn that was work!

What do you guys do about the sides? I've got epoxied floors now from all the drips, will there be enough epoxy left in the weave?

Anyways, called Raka to discuss amine blush and cleanup. They said with the medium hardener i used and the coolish temps here, i have 24 hours for chemical bond, no problem, the guy I talked to was very confident.

Also he said if i could not see or feel a film, no need to wash it off, but he did say it's important to scuff it up if it goes past the 24 hours.

He mentioned that the slower hardener lends to less blush, and between the dehumidifier and heater in the garage my humidity has been anywhere from 30%-40%,
He said this helps decrease blushing.

All that said, I'm waiting till yesterday's coat firms up so i can wipe it down and scuff it up, he mentioned all i need is a damp towel with water or some denatured alcohol. He said especially if i cant see or feel the blush, those would be sufficient.
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