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Dayak in Desolation Canyon

Posted by Sandy 
Dayak in Desolation Canyon
May 10, 2017 09:08PM
Got back yesterday from a six day Green River trip in Utah.

I don't have any white water pics from this trip yet. They're coming eventually--from Dave Inskeep of http://www.inskeepimages.com/

The Dayak was great. It surprised even me. I waited too long and got sucked into the biggest wave at Joe Hutch. And didn't even get wet. This boat really was surprising. Stops on a dime. Turns effortlessly. Ferries anywhere you want. And stable.

Dave's 17' foot decked (by Dave) Tatman boat has a 54" inch bottom. So does the Dayak, even though it's only 9' feet long. I've been rowing it for four years now but this was the first big water test and I couldn't be more pleased.

Desolation Canyon was at 17000 cfs. Fun trip.

Re: Dayak in Desolation Canyon
May 11, 2017 03:21PM
Here's a Larry Hedrick photo of Dave Inskeep crashing the biggest wave at Joe Hutch on the Green, at 17,000 cfs. I ran the Dayak over that same wave a few minutes earlier. I'll have photos of that eventually.

Dave pushed on the oars and hit that wave as hard as he could. I back peddled and didn't hit so hard. But I went right over, in that tiny little boat. A half a second after that photo was snapped that wave surged up and Dave's boat launched downstream with only the transom still touching water. He almost caught some air, like a tattooed dreadlocks nose-ring skier jumping off a cornice.

Once I got past Joe Hutch I realized there was nothing to worry about.

Auto-upload image attachments STILL seem to be broken. I changed servers last month and this is one of the last remaining bugs. I'll get it eventually.

Re: Dayak in Desolation Canyon
May 11, 2017 04:47PM
OOPs, I opened the JPG image with preview on IOS, then did a selection capture. Looks like I did it after doing a selection with the preview app and the selection boundary got in the image. I'll send you the original full size jpg.
Re: Dayak in Desolation Canyon
May 12, 2017 01:13PM
A few more pics. It's interesting how small this water looks for 200' feet away, looking through a lens. And how big it looks when you're rowing it.

Larry in his stretched-out Honky Dory. Larry started off with the standard 16' foot gunwale Honky Dory plans and added an additional two feet between the middle. He also increased the rocker at both ends. He likes it that way at the transom but not so much at the downstream end. The original HD downstream profile rides up onto the waves better. Larry's Rio Verde punches into them instead of riding up, he said.

Sandy at Joe Hutch, in a 9' foot long 54" inch wide Dayak (cross between a kayak and a dory?). I sure do like that little boat.

Floats like a Mayfly. Ferries like a fish.

Re: Dayak in Desolation Canyon
May 13, 2017 07:12PM
Damn. Good times! Glad the Dayak worked out so well. How much do you think the exessive side flare contributes to its stability?
Re: Dayak in Desolation Canyon
May 14, 2017 12:52AM
Side flare only matters in white water I think, and even then only when you suddenly get the boat sideways to fast water. That can make some boats lurch. Chine dip, it's often called. Framed boats with a chine strip dip the most. The Dayak hardly dips at all. I've made my share of less than inspiring boats. The Dayak is one of the best things I've made.

One man pontoon boats are cheap. The Dayak rows better. Way better. And it has much longer oars. Is it worth the effort? Yes. If you like to build things anyway. When the process AND the end result are fun it's a good deal.
Re: Dayak in Desolation Canyon
May 15, 2017 04:41PM
Any chance it increases stability as you walk around the boat by engaging the water surface sooner?
Re: Dayak in Desolation Canyon
May 17, 2017 01:59PM
Side flare effects stability.

I see this comment a lot especially with regard to Briggs boats. The side angle has very little to do with stability. Stability is almost complexly controlled by bottom width and rocker. Build a boat 75 inches wide at the oar locks. Get rid of the bottom all together and make the hull a V shape. It would just tip over. Now build another which is still 75 at the locks but make the bottom 95 inches wide. I will tip almost zero when you stand on the gunwales. Once again, why did Briggs choose to make the bottom of his boat 48 inches. Because he was too lazy to scarf the plywood to make it wider. So he got a narrow bottom boat which sinks down into the water and will roll much more easily the the HD. Weyerhaeuser's magic number of 48 just won't go away and it get mixed in with stability issue. Want a stable boat which does not rock make it wider and keep the rocker as small as possible. It might not row worth a damn but it will be stable.
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