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Best new tool

Posted by Sandy 
Best new tool
November 01, 2017 06:30PM
Best new tool in a long time.

Got rid of the wood stove in my shop. Scraps get burned in the woodstove in the house, in a 50 gallon burn barrel or they go to the dump. I made my shop about 20% bigger by getting rid of the stove.

This 150,000 BTU propane blaster heats the shop up in a few minutes. Then a hanging natural gas space heater maintains.

Re: Best new tool
November 02, 2017 03:06PM
I have been researching heating options for the barn/shop. Looks like you have got it figured out. Any fumes from the propane space heater?
Re: Best new tool
November 02, 2017 03:36PM
Fumes? Good question. Maybe. I spent 23 years in construction, often working around propane heaters in Winter, during the drywall/paint finish work stages. I'm not dead yet and I'll be 70 next year.

Actually I think propane burns cleanly compared to gas or kerosene, ending up almost entirely as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

I sold my acetylene torches 20 years ago because having them in a dust filled wood shop gave me the heeby jeebies. The wood stove was much the same.

The stove required a lot of kindling making, chopping and patience while the stove heated up. The propane blaster just turns on, at full blast from the getgo. I like it a lot.
Re: Best new tool
November 02, 2017 03:40PM
The hangs-from-the-ceiling natural gas space heater I also have should have been enough but I installed it all myself and I screwed up big time.

I rented a trencher and ran a 3/4" gas line almost 100 feet out to the shop. I should have used a 1" or 1-1/4" gas line. I have a 55,000 btu space heater but it seldom reaches that much power. A bigger space heater would starve with so little gas coming in.
Re: Best new tool
November 27, 2017 03:12AM
HI Sandy how goes it. Get you decked boat ready because I'm getting a Yampa permit for sure next spring.

About that heater. With out a vent how much moisture builds up?
Re: Best new tool
November 27, 2017 12:31PM
Worked on the boat yestidee.

Moisture is not a problem because I use the blaster only for fifteen minutes to a half an hour in the morning, in order to quickly reach a good working temperature.

Then I turn it off and rely on my wimpy hanging natural gas heater, which is vented. The natural gas heater has enough horse power to maintain temperature once warm, but all by itself it takes an hour or two to heat the shop on a below zero morning.

Yampa. God I loved that trip. I'll try too. In years past I've put Memorial Day weekend as the priority Yampa date. Now I think I'll go a week or two before. Like that May 1st trip on Deso we did last year.

That sure was fun and there warn't no one there 'cept us.
Re: Best new tool
November 27, 2017 02:08PM
Didn't know you had another heater. Sometimes we used those portable heaters on construction sights to keep mortar from freezing. I have plans to build a new 2 level garage which will get rid of most of our insane driveway. I'm going to put in a boiler for snow a melt system in the garage. For inside heat I'm going to install a hanging unit heater with blower.
Re: Best new tool
November 27, 2017 03:04PM
Work with a plumber on getting an adequate gas supply. Or figure it out yourself. Don't get it wrong, like I did.

I had a 3/4" inch gas supply pipe in my garage already, so I tapped into it and ran it 100' feet out to the garage.

But that turned out to be like running a welder off a 100' foot 14 gauge light bulb cord.
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