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First boat. First post.

Posted by windriver 
First boat. First post.
December 24, 2017 06:31AM
After almost a 20 year wait I'm, finally building a boat. I grew up in drift boats, my father guided for years, I can't remember not having a drift boat in the family. I'm a woodworker by trade, so this is something I've wanted to do for ages.

Before I got into the boat I decided to start things off with a pair of oars. I'm trying to post a shot of the oars, but it seems my phone does not want to make that happen, so I guess I can direct you to my instagram page at @windriverww, if you would like to see them and follow along on my build. It's nothing most of you haven't seen before. I'm doing a Cajune Recurve and am sticking to the plans, for the most part.

I've been watching and reading this forum for years and greatly appreciate all of the fantastic knowledge shared here. This has made my build, so far, much easier. While I don't know much, and can't contribute much in the way of boat building, I hope I can be a help in some way and contribute to this community.
Re: First boat. First post.
December 24, 2017 01:50PM
Looking forward to seeing your pics. Dan Lohmiller who is part owner of Bozeman's River's Edge built a boat from a kit (of mine) back in the mid 1980s. He's a better wood worker than me now.

Dan hasn't had time to make any new boats recently but he does make oars. He makes hollow wooden shafts by gluing up semi-triangular pieces almost like a bamboo rod. Then he rounds that off and glasses it. And then laminates an oar scoop and scarfs that onto the shaft.

They sure do look like a million bucks. Light too.

Re: First boat. First post.
December 26, 2017 02:54PM
I'd love to see them. Does he have a Web site?

I'll try and get some pictures up, today.
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