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prep for glass layers

Posted by Samuel.tashi 
prep for glass layers
February 05, 2018 03:21PM
Three winters ago I started a decked HD. I got every thing built except the hatch lids. Then winter ended and we moved across the state, leaving my shop behind. The boat sat under cover until last month when I acquired a shop and started into it again.

Before that break I had decided I need to add some more glass to the bottom. I am in the process of prepping it now and I'm wondering if anyone has advice to create the best bond between the existing bottom and the new layers. I have it sanded thoroughly. I will make sure to remove dust. Is it good to use a solvent too? I worry about any residue from solvent compromising the bond.

I'd hate to put in the effort and cost and have delimitation issues

Re: prep for glass layers
February 05, 2018 06:47PM
I sand with fine and course, so there is a grippable surface. Then wash with acetone. Then wet with warm resin.....90 degrees anyway. Heated in advance with bathroom heater.

I've gone back to West System. I think it bonds better than Raka. No tests. Just casual observation.
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