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HELP!!! Dry Storage, not Dry

Posted by Jefe'B 
HELP!!! Dry Storage, not Dry
February 08, 2018 08:52PM
Hello, Sandy suggested I post here. So I have a long background in whitewater paddling of all kinds. But a craftsman, I am not. I could use your advice. I had Hyde out of Idaho Falls build me a dory. I love the way the boat performs, I love the double ender, chines and rocker profile. I love the self bailing system, both cockpit and passenger area self bail. NOW the one Issue I have is the Dry Storage Situation. The hatches they used are "Weather tight" Not "Water Tight" and the kind of boating we do requires water tight. Plus I am nervous as to what would occur if I were to upset. I am thinking of this... Removing current lids, making a Lip with wood that goes all around opening, then making a hatch lid with a lip just wider than the lip I put on, place weather stripping and figure out how to latch and hinge. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: HELP!!! Dry Storage, not Dry
February 09, 2018 12:30AM
I'm cell phone only two more weeks. Might help if you lifted a locker lid and did a closeup of both the opening rim and the underside of the lid.

700pixels wide or so
Re: HELP!!! Dry Storage, not Dry
February 09, 2018 02:33AM
On hand made fiberglass boats I cut strips on table saw from trex fascia board. It's plastic resin and saw dust I think. It does not soak up moisture. Glue that to the edges of an openING so it has a raised rim. Glue 1/2" inch closed cell foam to the inside of the lid so the lid clamps down onto the raised edge.

Fussy pain in the ass work. Lots of fitting and cussing and adjusting. But it does work. Water tight when done.

How to apply that to aluminum would require deep head scratching. I'm suRe it's doable
Re: HELP!!! Dry Storage, not Dry
February 15, 2018 04:19AM
Without seeing it up close. Seems like you cold remove those plastic hatches all together. Make new one with a lip under the deck with good neoprene gaskets.

I don't know much water you are taking on. Pumps under the deck are an option. If you flip, with lots of river bags under the deck it will float.
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