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SUP boards with oars

Posted by Sandy 
SUP boards with oars
February 23, 2018 02:14PM
Been in Texas for two months. I'm home now. Will dig out the shop door later today. There sure is a lot of snow out there. Most snow in a decade or more. I did get some ideas down there.

It would not be hard to make your own SUP board. Get some styrofoam. Carve it with a big shurform file. Smooth it. Glass it up. There are youtube videos of guys making custom surf boards that way. That's what a SUP board is.......a slightly fatter than usual surf board. You make them the same way.

However. What about an extra-extra wide SUP board with rowing outriggers like the kind used for rowing sculls? That would be a lot more useful to me than a stand up surf board. And you could carry it around like a kayak.

2) One of the most frequent email questions I get (I wish they would use the damn forum instead) is how to put a motor on a high rocker drift boat. The stock answer is "you can't." You can try to use a long shank motor but the transom digs down and other end rears up, so you end up motoring around with 1/5 the boat in the water. That's a dangerously unstable rig.

Why not buy some more styrofoam? Glue it together in blocks and then use a shureform file to sculpt it into a wedge that could be strapped onto the bottom at the upstream end of the boat, so that high rocker drift boat suddenly had no rocker at all? That too wouldn't be hard at all. Then you could zoom around the lake with a 100 horse outboard, or fly up river with a big jet motor.

I'll be 70 in a half a year. Someone else will have to tackle these projects. Be a trend setter. Get your ass in gear. Be the first to do it.

Re: SUP boards with oars
February 24, 2018 10:00PM

rowing assembly for SUP. A place to start.
Re: SUP boards with oars
February 25, 2018 12:09AM

Interesting. Thank you! I'd make it a bit wider I think. But that's what I'm talking about. Looks like I invented a hot rod idea a few years too late. As usual.
Re: SUP boards with oars
February 25, 2018 02:07PM
This is really interesting stuff. I want to put a rowing scull mechanism, with sliding seat like that, on top of my decked dory.

I might have to buy a tig welder so I can make my own. I want this. Those guys--oarboard dot com--are putting a rowing scull mechanism on top of traditional SUP board.

The more I think about this more I'd like to see a shorter and much wider board with more rocker at the ends. With a support raft for your camping gear you could row the Grand Canyon.

My little Dayak is the most amazingly nimble and stable craft I've ever rowed. Turning it into a 4" inch thick board would make it light enough to carry around. Now yer talkin
Re: SUP boards with oars
March 04, 2018 04:36PM
So all the snow is up your way. The Wasatch has the least snow since I moved here 38 years ago. Winter never even started until about a week ago. The snow around my house looks like we are down around 25 percent.

Getting a TIG welder, now we're taking. Do it. I'm still doing stuff with flux core. Pearl is never around so I had to get a welder. Haven't picked up a set of tanks yet to run gas. I can tell you really want to TIG up a complete boat, just admit it. Or is the plan for a TIG welded paddle board.

Anyway this has been one lousy winter. I need to get back on the river and on my motorcycle soon or I might lose it.
Re: SUP boards with oars
March 04, 2018 08:05PM
We have so much snow people are predicting and betting on how big the rivers will flood. And it's still coming down.
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