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Free online glassing video

Posted by Sandy 
Free online glassing video
March 04, 2018 01:55PM
Some good video here. You have to type a username and email address into a form before you can view them.

Re: Free online glassing video
March 04, 2018 02:05PM
The series of videos above are great. The guy who demonstrates above spreads resin entirely with a foam roller.

I often pour it out in a long puddle and then stroke it out smooth and flat, from end to end on a long panel, with a 12" inch drywall trowel (mud mongers call it a knife). For wetting out a large area, perhaps a 4' foot by 16' foot panel, a foam roller takes waaaaaaaaaay way too long.

Pour the resin out in a back and forth side to side line. Then spread it with a wide trowel. Keep the trowel in a bucket of acetone or denatured alcohol. I keep a stiff brush in the acetone bucket too, so I can scrub all the various sized and shaped trowels I keep in there, each time I return them to the bucket.

Use glovez and know that acetone is flammable.

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